Dear Residents of Fairmont Hot Springs and Dutch Creek,

Due to the recent extreme hot weather and significant increase in water usage, our reservoir levels
have dropped quickly. Effective immediately, Fairmont Hot Springs Utilities is implementing a ban on
all non-essential water usage in our community until further notice.

This includes but is not limited to the following non-essential water usage:

1. Outdoor Watering: lawns, gardens, trees, and other landscaping.
2. Cleaning with Water from a Hose or Tap: washing sidewalks, driveways, houses, or vehicles.
3. Filling Swimming Pools, hot tubs, or any large recreational water containers.
4. Ornamental Fountains or water features

We understand that these measures may cause inconvenience, but they are vital to safeguarding our
community’s well-being during this challenging period.

Failure to follow these measures will result in residents first being informed of the situation and, if
cooperation is not met, water service could be disconnected.

Conserving water is of utmost importance during this period, as it directly impacts our ability to
respond to potential fires and emergencies that may arise in these dry conditions.

We appreciate your understanding, support, and responsible actions during this time.
We will send out another notice once the ban has been lifted.

Fairmont Hot Springs Utilities LTD.
Office: 250-688-5600