April 26, 2023

Fairmont Hot Springs Utilities Update

All Fairmont Hot Springs and Dutch Creek Residents

Going into the 2023 spring and summer season we wanted to send out an update on the water and sewer systems,
as well as a 2023 irrigation/watering schedule to all residents.

Starting in May for approximately 6-8 weeks Sampson will be conducting testing on all the main water lines
throughout Fairmont Hot Springs and Dutch Creek area. This will help identify any leaks or any maintenance needed
on the main lines. While they are testing, there may be short periods of time when the main water line will need to
be shut off. We will do our best to notify affected residents if the main water line will be off for longer than an hour.

Last summer, Mulyk Consulting Inc. was contracted to look at available options for increasing the capacity of our
water system. A couple of options have been identified and testing will be conducted to determine the viability of
these options over the coming months. We will continue to provide updates as this progresses.

2023 Fairmont Hot Springs Dutch Creek Watering Schedule

The 2023 watering schedule, as noted below, will be similar to previous years. Additionally, there will be no
watering on Fridays or on the July or August long weekend, allowing Operators to manage peak water demands
during those times. These outdoor watering hours are in place for the benefit of our community. Outdoor watering
accounts for the largest water use, and it is imperative that residents abide by these hours and water in moderation.
Please see the times and watering schedule below.

  Manual Sprinklers  Automatic Sprinklers
    Morning     Evening  Morning
6 am – 10 am 6 pm – 10 pm 3 am – 8 am


Even Number Addresses   Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays
Odd Number Addresses   Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays

No Watering; Friday’s, Canada Day Long Weekend July 1-3, or August Long Weekend August 5-7

Thank you for your cooperation with the watering times and schedule!

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