Water Tie-In Notice 


Dear Residents of Fairmont Hot Springs and Dutch Creek, 

Last week you were notified of the water line tie ins and water service interruption associated with the Cold  Spring Creek Debris Flow Mitigation Project construction. Due to unexpected staffing shortages and part supply  issues, the tie-in dates have changed. Please read the information below carefully. 

Treated Watermain Tie-In and Water Outage – April 23, 2024  

  1. During this tie-in, the line that brings treated water from the storage reservoir to the community will be  down from approximately 8:30am to 4:30pm. There will be a water outage during this time that will  impact the entire community water system. 
  2. What to do before the shutdown: 
  3. Turn off your hot water tank. 
  4. Store water. Fill jugs, containers, and your bathtub. 
  5. What to do during the shutdown: 
  6. Do not use water from taps, shower, toilets, etc. 
  7. What to do once water service is restored: 
  8. Slowly turn on your taps as there may be air in the lines. 
  9. Run a cold water tap for 2-3 minutes to flush any cloudiness or sediment (this is normal). 3. Turn on your hot water tank. 
  10. A boil water advisory will be in effect for up to 10 days after this tie-in is completed. Watch for  follow up communication. 
  11. If you are away from your property during the outage, you may notice some cloudiness or  turbidity once you return. Please run a cold water tap for 2-3 minutes to flush the lines. 

Raw Water Line Tie-In – Week of April 15 

  1. This tie in is for the line that brings untreated water from the water wells by the Columbia River to the  storage reservoir. There will not be a water service interruption for this tie-in. There will not be a boil  water advisory once this tie-in is complete. 

The RDEK apologizes for any inconvenience and will work to restore service as quickly as possible. 

If you have questions about the service interruption, please contact: 

  1. RDEK – Kara Zandbergen, Project Supervisor, kzandbergen@rdek.bc.ca 250-489-2791
  2. Fairmont Hot Springs Utilities, customercare@fhswatersewer.com 250-688-5600


All efforts will be made to complete the work on the dates noted and as quickly as possible. If there are any  changes required to the dates or times they will be communicated. Thank you to the Fairmont Hot Spring Resort  for working with us on this complex project to reduce the impact on the community. 


Fairmont Hot Springs Utilities LTD